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Matthew 16:13-20 > Jesus' Messianic Identity And His Divinity Are Revealed > Christ Means "the Anointed One", The Messiah > THE GREAT QUESTION, "Who Do You Say That I Am?" Divine Revelation (1 Corinthians 12:3) Is Needed Where Human Reason Fails > Acts 10:38 > God Anointed Jesus, The Son Of The Living God, With The Holy Spirit > Matthew 3:16,17 Reveals The Father Speaking From Heaven And The Spirit Of God Descending Upon Jesus In The Form Of A Dove > Jesus Does Not Become The Son Of God At This Moment But Is Revealed To The World For Who He Is, The Eternal Son Of God!!! > The Feast Day Of The Epiphany (January 6) Commemorates This Day > The Trinity Is Also Manifested In The Baptism Of Jesus.

Matthew 22:41-46 > Jesus Takes The Offensive Against The Pharisees Who Were Phony Scholars Who Believed That The Messiah Would Be Just A Man > The Pharisees Said The Messiah Would Be The Son Of David Meaning He Was A Man > Jesus Responds With Scripture Rightly Divided Saying That David Called The Messiah Lord > Only God Himself Would Be Addressed As Lord > This Psalm Verse Describes God Speaking To God - The Father To The Son.

2 John 7-11 > Take Note Of The Phrase "The Doctrine Of Christ" > This Is The Doctrine That Jesus Christ Is God Come In Human Flesh > Many Deceivers Teach Contrary To This Doctrine >

What Some Of The Deceivers Say About Jesus Christ:
***Mormons Say He Was A Man Who Became A god, One Of Many gods, Brother Of Satan.
***Jehovah's Witnesses Say He Is Michael The Archangel, The First Creation Of God, That He Died And Rose Again An Invisible Spirit.
***Christian Science Says He Is A Divine Idea.
***The Moonies Say He Is A Man Who Failed.
***Bahai Says He Is One Of Nine World Manifestations.
***Unitarians Say He Is A Good Man Who Was Deified By His Followers.
***Spiritist Say He Is An Advanced Medium In The 6Th Sphere Of Astral Projection.
***Unity Says He Is A Man Who Perfected A Divine Ideal.
***Rosicrucians Say He Is A Manifestation Of Cosmic Consciousness.
***Transcendental Meditation Says He Is An Enlightened Guru Who Never Suffered For Anyone.
***Islam Says He Was A Mere Human Being, A Prophet Of God, Superseded By Muhammad Who Was The Last And Greatest Prophet.

1 John 4:1-6 > The Test For All Prophets And Teachers > Did Jesus Christ Come In The Flesh?

Isaiah 9:6,7 > Messiah's Divinity And Humanity Revealed

John 3:13-18 > The Son Of Man Came Down From Heaven To Be Lifted Up On The Cross

Matthew 1:23-25 > Emanuel Means God With Us > A Virgin Shall Conceive > Micah 5:2 > The Child Born In Bethlehem Is Eternal, From Eternity > Isaiah 7:14 > Genesis 3:15 > The Seed Of The Woman

1 Timothy 3:16 > God Is Manifest In The Flesh > John 1:1-4,14-18 > Jesus Is The Word And The Word Is God > Jesus Is God The Word

Jesus Is The Image / Icon Of The Invisible God:
> Hebrews 1:3-12
> Colossians 1:15-18
> 2 Corinthians 4:4

Philippians 2:5-11 > This Passage Was A Hymn In The Early Church > Jesus Is Equal To God By Nature > Jesus Emptied Himself (Kenosis), Made Himself Of No Reputation By Taking On Human Nature, Sharing In Our Condition Except For Sin > Jesus Is Lord > Only God Is Lord.

John 17:3-5 > Jesus Laid Aside His Glory To Walk As One Of Us > He Prays To Once Again Be Glorified As He Was In Eternity Past > Matthew 16:24-17:8 > Christ Will Come In Glory At His Second Coming > Peter, James, And John Are Given A Glimpse Of Christ In His Full Glory On The Mount Of Transfiguration >
2 Peter 1:16-18

Jesus Said He Was / Is God > John 8:12, 23-37, 43, 57-59 > Exodus 3:11-14 >

Jesus Referred To As God
> Hebrews 1:8 > Oh God...
> John 20:25-29 > My God...
> Titus 2:13 > Our Great God...
> 1 John 5:19,20 > The True God...

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