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1 On whom did the lot fall when the 11 Apostles were choosing a replacement? On whom did it not fall?

2 Name the couple that conspired to sell their land, and then hold back some of the money from the Church?

3 In what city was Paul stoned (to death or near death), then dragged outside the city, then, surrounded by the disciples did he rose up and entered once again into that city?

4 How many days did Jesus show Himself alive after His passion and resurrection with many infallible proofs?

5 Who was the centurion of the band called the Italian Band who was devout, feared God with all his house, which gave alms to the people and prayed?

6 When the new disciples who had practiced curious arts brought their books together to be burned before all men, what was the value of those books?

7 Who joined himself to the Ethiopian eunuch’s chariot and expounded the Gospel to him from Isaiah the Prophet?

 8 At what hour did Peter and John go up into the temple to pray when they crossed paths with a lame man at the gate called Beautiful?

9 As Peter traveled to Cornelius’s house in Caesarea from Joppa he went upon an housetop to pray about which hour?

10 Paul argued daily for the space of two years in what school, so that all that were in Asia, both Jews and Greeks, heard the Word of the Lord?

11 Name the seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Spirit, full of wisdom, who were appointed by the Apostles to serve the widows?

12 Name the Jewish false prophet/sorcerer of Paphos who withstood Paul and Barnabas as they taught the Word of God to Sergius Paulus, a deputy of Paphos Territory?

13 Name the disciple with whom Paul lodged in Damascus, and who baptized Paul and prayed for Paul to receive his eyesight again?

14 Paul shaved his head in what city because he had a vow?

15 Name the chief ruler of the Corinthian synagogue who believed on the Lord with his entire house?

16 As Paul preached long into the night one vespers, a young man sat in a window of the third loft, sinking into a deep sleep he fell to his death, but Paul went to him and prayed and the young man was made alive. Name the young man?

17 At what spot in Athens Greece did Paul declare the “Unknown God”?

18 Name the Ephesian Silversmith who made much money making silver shrines to the goddess Diana, and who conspired with others of his craft to cause an uprising against Paul?

19 Which of the seven deacons became the first martyr of the early church?

20 Stephen in his final sermon declared to the Jews that they had taken up the tabernacle of whom, and the star of their god whom, figures they made to worship?

21 When the people of Lystra saw that Paul had healed a man, impotent in his feet, a cripple from his birth, they lifted their voices saying “the gods have come down to us in the likeness of men”. They called Barnabas by the name of what god? And they called Paul by the name of what god?

22 About how many disciples were in the Upper Room on the Day of Pentecost?

23 Philip the Evangelist had how many virgin daughters that prophesied?

24 What woman of Thyatira was known as a seller of purple whose household was saved through Paul’s preaching?

25 Name the sorcerer who bewitched the people of Samaria until Philip arrived with the Gospel?

26 At the close of the Council of Jerusalem, two men chief among the brethren, were selected to travel with Paul and Barnabas to Antioch with letters explaining the decisions of the Council. Name these two men?

27 What eloquent Jew, born in Alexandria Egypt, was “mighty in the scriptures”, and “mightily convinced the Jews, and that publicly, shewing by the scriptures that Jesus is the Christ”?

28 Paul was born in what city?

29 When Herod the king killed James, the brother of John with the sword, he saw that it pleased the Jews so he had Peter imprisoned. At whose home was a prayer meeting held for Peter? And name the woman who answered the door when Peter arrived?

30 What two items were taken from the body of Paul that possessed miracle working power that when they were laid upon sick people they were healed and delivered?

31 Name the couple that taught Apollos the way of God more perfectly, seeing that he only knew the baptism of John?

32 Paul and Silas prayed and sang praises at what time when they were in prison in Philippi?

33 Who was queen of the Ethiopians?

34 When the unbelieving Jews of Thessalonica rejected Paul’s teaching about Jesus, they incited rage throughout the city and assaulted the house of whom, looking for Paul and Silas?

35 Paul was brought up in what city? And at whose feet was he taught according to the perfect manner of the law?

36 Who was the wife of Felix, the governor of Judea?

37 Name the lady disciple (with two names) at Joppa who was full of good works and almsdeeds, who became sick and died, but then Peter came and prayed for her, and she was raised from the dead?

38 Who was let down in a basket over the walls of Damascus by the disciples so that he could escape the plots of the Jews to kill him?

39 The Jews of which five synagogues set up false witnesses against Stephen, and stirred up the people, and the elders, and the scribes, who captured him and brought him before the council?

40 From what Old Testament Prophet did Peter preach on the Day of Pentecost saying, “This is that…”?

41 The disciples were first called Christians in what city?

42 Name the Prophet who bound himself with Paul’s girdle and prophesied that Paul would be bound by the Jews at Jerusalem?

43 There were more than how many Jews that made a conspiracy to kill Paul, binding themselves to a curse, and saying that they would eat or drink nothing until they killed Paul?

44 What was the name of the wind storm that caused the shipwreck as Paul sailed to Rome?

45 What was the name of the street in Damascus that Jesus said Ananias would find “one called Saul of Tarsus” praying in the house of Judas?

46 Two converts were named as having believed Paul’s preaching of the Gospel on Mars’ Hill in Athens. Name them?

47 When Paul shipwrecked onto the Island of Melita he prayed for the chief man of the islands father and he was healed of a bloody flux. Name the chief man of Melita?

48 Who said to Paul, “Almost thou persuadest me to be a Christian”?

49 What relative of Paul had overheard the Jews plot to kill him and reported it to the chief captain who then helped Paul escape under protection of a small army?
50 Name the old disciple of Cyprus?

1 a. Matthias b. Joseph aka Barsabas Justus – ACTS 1:15-26
2 Ananias and Sapphira – ACTS 5:1-11
3 Lystra – ACTS 14:8-21
4 Forty – ACTS 1:3
5 Cornelius – ACTS 10:1, 2
6 50,000 Pieces of Silver – ACTS 19:18-20
7 Philip – ACTS 8:26-40
8 Ninth Hour – ACTS 3:1-16
9 Sixth Hour – ACTS 10:9
10 School of Tyrannus – ACTS 19:8-10
11 Simon, Stephen, Prochorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, Nicolas – ACTS 6:5
12 Bar-jesus/Elymas – ACTS 13:4-12
13 Ananias – ACTS 9:10-18
14 Cenchrea – ACTS 18:18
15 Crispus – ACTS 18:8
16 Eutychus – ACTS 20:7-12
17 Mars Hill/Aeropagus – ACTS 17:16-28
18 Demetrius – ACTS 19:23-41
19 Stephen – ACTS 7:51-60
20 a. Moloch b. Remphan  - ACTS 7:43
21 a. Jupiter b. Mercury – ACTS 14:12
22 120 – ACTS 1:15
23 Four – ACTS 21:8
24 Lydia – ACTS 16:14, 15
25 Simon – ACTS 8:9-25
26 Judas aka Barsabas Silas – ACTS 15:22-31
27 Apollos – ACTS 18:24-28
28 Tarsus – ACTS 22:3
29 a. Mary the mother of John Mark b. Rhoda
30 Handkerchiefs and Aprons – ACTS 19:11, 12
31 Aquila and Priscilla – ACTS 18:26
32 Midnight – ACTS 16:25
33 Candace – ACTS 8:27
34 Jason – ACTS 17:5-9
35 a, Jerusalem b. Gamaliel – ACTS 22:3
36 Drusilla – ACTS 24:24
37 Tabitha aka Dorcas – ACTS 9:36-43
38 Paul – ACTS 9:23-25
39 Libertines, Cyrenians, Alexandrians, Cilicia, Asia – ACTS 6:9-15
40 Joel – ACTS 2:16
41 Antioch – ACTS 11:26
42 Agabus – ACTS 21:10-14
43 More Than Forty – ACTS 23:12-15
44 Euroclydon – ACTS 27:14
45 Straight – ACTS 9:10-12
46 Dionysius the Areopagite and Damaris – ACTS 17:34
47 Publius – ACTS 28:1-10
48 King Agrippa – ACTS 26:28
49 Paul’s Sister’s Son – ACTS 23:16-30
50 Mnason – ACTS 21:16

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